Treat your family and friends with a gift voucher!

A birthday? An event to celebrate? Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day... Offer a stay at L'Echappée Belle. Nature, calm, comfort, authenticity, local products, you can only satisfy the recipients.

A personalised gift voucher

Depending on the event you indicate, if you wish, the voucher can be personalised. Here are some examples of how the voucher will be presented (it will be in the recipient's language):

A budget adapted to your needs

Several formulas are proposed to you: first of all, one night with breakfast at 79€ or one night with half board with the Table d'hôtes at 119€ for two people.

You can opt for several nights if your budget allows it.
You can also ask for extra services (champagne, bouquet of flowers, personalised attentions...) to make this gift even more personal. Prices on request.


You want to offer less than 79€?
You can offer a gift voucher of 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60€ and this amount will be deducted from the invoice during the stay chosen by the recipient.

You need a gift quickly?

The Gift Voucher is ideal because it can be sent to you by email immediately following your request using the form below. Is it very urgent? Call me for even more quickness (!

How does it work?

It's very simple! For you and the recipients.

You make the request in the form below.
On receipt I will indicate the methods of payment (cheque, bank transfer, credit card).
Without delay, I prepare the voucher and send it to you by email. I can also send it to the recipient if you wish.
The receipt of payment will activate the voucher and from that moment on, the recipients will be able to make a reservation.
To do so, they will contact me by email or phone to agree on an available date.

The voucher is valid for more than one year.

What happens after that? Well, they will enjoy their stay and will think of you and your consideration for them!

I make my request

In the message part, please indicate:
- the chosen formula (1 or more nights, with or without dinner, any extra services if you wish)
- the name of the recipients
- the event being celebrated / the occasion if you want a personalised voucher
- the recipient's email if you prefer that I send it directly to them

Note : veuillez remplir les champs marqués d'un *.